The founding principles of our company are illustrated by our name. The company title was created from the philosophy that, in essence, everyone's spirit, or Esprit, is connected and they form a line…The Espritline.

This means that in addition to the diversity and individuality that everyone and everything has, there is a common bond between us. That there is no real separation; all walls are illusions. These apparent divisions are personal challenges for us to overcome. We overcome them by understanding and accepting the differences, therefore acknowledging the similarities we all have.

From this basic concept, the mission of Espritline Inc. is to help bridge the gap between our differences.  By experiencing new cultures, learning about different countries, meeting new people, and breaking down any other barriers that isolate us we can open our hearts and realize our dreams.

Currently, we are heavily focused between Japan and the United States though we have expanded our curriculum and support to include Korea, China, and France. We have developed and expanded the sales of our original program called “Speed Learning” since 1989 and the total number of the customers are 870,000 as of the year of 2008 and its sales are still growing. But this has only been the first step. In addition to improving the products and services we now offer, we are creating more ways to bridge the gap.  One of these steps is sharing the experiences, opinions and talents of our increasingly diverse group of new employees and associates.  We want the new employees and associates to help us create new projects that continue to promote a better understanding between people.  Finding new and better ways for us to work together is as important as the projects we are working on for our customers.

To believe people. To respect people.

To love people. That is our dream.

CEO Noboru Otani

1. Our Founding Mission

We wish for our customers to experience the joy of reinventing themselves by learning foreign languages and by encountering new people, countries, and cultures. In this way, we will contribute to the fulfillment of many people’s dreams.

2. Principle for Product Development

We aspire to be open-hearted and to speak sincerely with one another at all times. We believe that anyone should be able to learn to communicate freely and naturally in a foreign language using an efficient, enjoyable, and affordable program. To that end, we will develop and put forward educational materials, utilizing innovative technologies, perspectives, and methods.

3. Principle for Customer Relations (1)

We will regard every time a customer expresses their opinions or requests as an opportunity for us to deepen our relationship with that customer. In this way, we will grow together with and foster our friendship with our customers.

4. Principle of Mutual Development

We aspire to be a people-oriented company in which diversity is celebrated and employees are able to be sincere with one another. We will create a workplace that is full of smiles, in which employees’ individual efforts connect with the company’s purpose and each employee is able to pursue his or her own hopes and dreams with pride.

5. Principle for Customer Relations (2)

We desire to partner with our customers, local community, industry, and clients in order to help solve the world’s troubles one by one. We will contribute to world peace by utilizing every form of media at our disposal to spread a global network of friendship.

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Espritline Inc.

Kawagoe Ekimae Bldg., 16-23 Wakitahoncho, Kawagoe-City, Saitama, 350-1123, Japan

May 10, 1984

Noboru Otani

Planning, development and sales of foreign language materials.

Planning and Creating of advertising, Sales of lifestyle-theme products.

Planning, developing and sales of market research.

Tri-Stage Inc.

Daiko Advertising Inc.

Rakuten, Inc.

Asahi Advertising Inc.

Nikkeisha, Inc.

Cyber Consultant Co., Ltd.

Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.


Sagawa Global Logistics Co., Ltd.


ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

May, 1984 :

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August, 1992 :

March, 1993 :

September, 1999 :

October, 2002 :

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June, 2011 :

Established Creative Eye Co., Ltd., in Jiyugaoka, Meguro Ward, Tokyo

Moved the main office to Suginami Ward and changed its name to Esprit Line Co., Ltd.

Began selling English conversation learning material called “Speed Learning”

Structure and name changed to Espritline Inc.

Moved main operations to Kichijyoji Office in Musashino-City, Tokyo

Registered Kichijyoji Office as Branch Office

Moved main operations to Kawagoe Office in Saitama

Registered Kawagoe Office as Branch Office

Registered Kawagoe Office as Head Office

Naha, Okinawa Center opened

 Office : 350-1123 Saitama-ken, Kawagoe-shi, Wakitahonchō, 16−23

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